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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Phantom of the Opera

I had a music lesson with my children. We have been studying Classical Music. I got a book at the Symphony that is such a good learning tool. It came with a CD to introduce them to various composers and instruments. They asked about an opera and I thought it would be a good idea to have them see one they could understand. Since we don't speak Italian (I wish I did), I chose the Phantom of the Opera. My oldest daughter still can't figure out the version we saw on Netflix. It was the 25th anniversary one with a "live" audience. Plus, it's confusing for her to see that it's an musical about an opera house and sometimes the scenes are of the opera. I hope I'm explaining that right. It is late at night. But just in case, I'm as clear as confuses her that Christine is an actress playing Christine, but sometimes Christine the character is playing another's a play within a play. Anyway, I'm making a short story long...they have been singing the songs, but changing them. Today, the Phantom of the Opera was the "Phantom of the Opera's inside your" and other crazy nonsense. Then it became the Phantom of the Pancake...the Phantom of the Pinata. That latter one was the favorite. If I remember how the song went I'll post it. Even the baby-who next month will officially not be my baby anymore as she will celebrate her 3rd birthday-got in on the action. She's been singing this song too. On a side note, please don't judge me for showing this to my children. I normally am careful about what they see and totally forgot the Phantom says the D-word and says, "...curse you..." Also, the scene of his opera was not very good. If you know of a better opera (in English) I can introduce my children to, please do share. Thank you!

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