For the LOVE of children.

"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."-Matthew 19:14

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

No Vegans Here

Driving by cows and my girls were happy to see healthy ones roaming free. They weren't living in crowded, nasty conditions. Then S said, "Mmm...they look tasty too."

I am not raising vegans/vegetarians.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Conversations While Reading

My SJ was reading to her little sister. They had the cutest conversation about our cat. These are the moments that make being a SAHM worth it. The conversation:

MK said, "I wish I could squeeze his neck (big hug) because he is so chubby (fluffy)."

SJ replies, "You can't. Daddy won't like it, and Max will scratch you."

MK quietly states, "I won't do it hard. I will only squeeze his neck softly."

SJ said, "Okay." Then she went back to reading her Minnie and Moo book.

I realized as I was typing this how a mother is given gifts to interpret their child's language. If a person read this without my interpretations they would not understand and think my child wanted to choke our cat, which is not what she meant at all. She said it very lovingly. It is such a gift to be at home with my children. If I was out working I would have missed this very precious conversation.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Tonight I told my children: "Go to sleep now. Close your eyes, be quiet, and go to sleep."

My everything-is-literal son says: "Well, that is just silly to say. How else do we sleep?" Then he said, "You know, you said go to sleep two times (Meaning: that was unnecessary to repeat yourself)."

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Defending the Faith: The Book of Mormon

I've had this blog for a while. My intention for it was to spread laughter, and really to just remember the funny things my children said to me. I imagined myself as an old widowed woman living with my fifty cats (kidding!), and reading this blog to relive my memories. Yet, I had a hard time keeping up on it. Little children have a way of doing that to you. I love children and the funny things they say, and this was my focus for this blog. Lately, I have felt the tug at my heart to do more with it. I've ignored that feeling for some time now. I allowed myself to be bogged down by my insecurities and my feelings of inadequacy.

I would much rather be behind the scenes. I don't like the limelight. Some may be surprised at that because I am vocal about my views on things, but in reality I don't like to be put on the spot. I'd much rather push others towards the limelight. I wanted to ignore this prompting, but I can't do it any longer. I felt that sharing my journey of faith is helping others, and I do so much want to help others "Come Unto Christ." I don't want to live in regret and the worst regret is not doing something you feel God is asking you to do. I will still blog about children as I love them, and my current calling in nursery is such a blessing to me. I love those darlings! I love to "Behold [the] Little Ones." I know that I am not an official spokesman for the Church. So, don't take me as one. I am just a member who loves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So, any error is an error on my part, and if you want to correct my understanding on a subject, please do. I am on this journey called life to learn, and grow. I know I need all the help I can get.

And so, it begins. (Please know I am inwardly FrEaKiNg oUt right now.)

Where do I start? I guess I should start at the beginning. I grew up in a faithful Bible believing home. (Please don't ask what my former faith was as I don't want this to seem like I am bashing my former religion. I love my family and friends who are of that Christian faith. I don't want to disrespect them in any way.) I am grateful for having the knowledge of God. I'm grateful they taught me how to love the KJV of the Holy Bible. These are gems of great worth to me.

I always felt the Bible was the only source of God's word. I had no idea and had never even heard of the Book of Mormon. In all honesty, I thought of "the Mormons" as another name for the Jehovah Witnesses. I met my husband, a Mormon through a co-worker (who was a Ward Mission Leader...I'll share that story another time). I told my future husband that I wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR church. In my mind I was thinking, "your crazy cult church," as this is what I was told. I got an eduction when I told others I was dating a Mormon. I found out about all sorts of things "The Mormon Church" teaches and believes. (We prefer to call it the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...there is no such thing as a Mormon Church. You can verify it if you want by visiting

I wasn't shy about my feelings on the Church. Nope. Not shy at all. You might say I was a bit HATEFUL. Yes, I was a hateful person when it came to all things Mormon. In all honesty, I was downright UGLY when it came to this religion. Imagine living with an anti-Mormon constantly at you and always on the attack. This was the lot of my poor newly wedded husband. He truly behaved like a Saint. People think I joke when I say that I was surprised he did not divorce me. He loved me enough and believed I would be willing to hear the gospel that he tolerated my madness.

You see, I grew up with a fear of Satan. I was very scared of him. I saw him as the opposite in power to God (That is not true). So, I was really scared if anyone said, "This is from Satan." So, I got prejudiced against the Church when someone I respected told me that Joseph Smith did not see God, but saw Lucifer appear as an "Angel of Light." (See: II Corinthians 11:14)

[I have found that there are two things that keep people from hearing, truly hearing the Fullness of the Gospel. It's fear and/or pride. I had both.]

Well, that was all it took for me. Right then I believed that the Book of Mormon was written by Satan. That Satan inspired Joseph Smith just like God inspired prophets to write the Bible. I was on a mission after that to prove to my husband how wrong his faith was and how misguided those Mormons were. It's so ironic since I wasn't attending any church at the time. I was a self-proclaimed religion-free Christian. I didn't need a church telling me about God. I didn't need anyone telling me what the Bible said. I knew what it said, and that is all that mattered. I had a relationship with God. (That is a laugh as I rarely prayed or read the Scriptures.) So, yes, folks, I will say it. I was a hypocrite. Not proud of it. Just telling it like it is...or was, as it were. You know what I mean, right? (I hear a chorus of people saying, "Right." So, now I shall proceed with new-found confidence that I am being clear.)

My husband challenged me to read the Book of Mormon. In his mind, I'm sure he was thinking. "This is all it takes for you to know for yourself. Once you read it. You'll know." (Sadly, I am a terrible wife or a forgetful one because I can't remember his exact words. I can't ask him because he is sleeping.) I was thinking, "HA! I'll read it even though I am scared it's from Satan, but I'll look into the abyss of hell to prove to you it's from him. I got you now!!!! HA HA HA!!!! (If you want to imagine a cackle of a witch..feel free to do so, as this I feelit is appropriate.) You'll see how right I am, and how wrong you are; then you'll have to admit it's from Satan. I know the Bible. I can use this knowledge to prove it's from Satan." (Say this with a sing-song voice: "Prideful!")

So, I began reading it out of spite. Pride. Makes me think of that verse on pride and being humbled. It's laughable now. I read it, fasted, prayed (Yes, there is more to this story. A conversion is never so cut and dry. I just don't want this to be a novella.), and took a day off from work to hole myself in my room. After a while, I really wanted to know. My husband, good man that he is, told me to focus on the principles in it. Were they good? Or were they bad? Can Satan inspire goodness? (If you want to know, no he can't. He is the author of evil.)

I wanted it to be true. I had a little particle growing inside me that wanted the Book of Mormon to be true. However, I wasn't going to say it was from God unless God told me it was from Him. He had to tell me Himself. And guess what?! He did. God always answers a sincere and humble prayer. I received my answer by the power of the Holy Ghost. I can't deny it.

The Book of Mormon really can only be one of two things. It's either from God or it's from Satan. There is no middle road here. There is only absolutes. I know it was from God because I tested out the promise at the end of it (See: Book of Mormon: Moroni 10:3-5). You can take my word for it or you can read it for yourself. James 1:5 gives the formula: "to ask of God if he (or she) lacks wisdom." I lacked a lot of wisdom. God showed me the way. I know and testify that the Book of Mormon is what it says it is: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It's about Him. It's about His divinity. It's true and it is from God. The same God of the Holy Bible. The same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I hope you would request your own free copy of it and find out for yourself. Don't take my word on it. You can continue to be like I was in the past and believe what others said about it. Or you can read it for yourself while sincerely praying with the intent to find out from God if it's from Him. The choice is yours.

Defending the Faith: A Date in History

I love history. I want to share a bit of history that I am sure you never heard or learned about in school. If you did, I'd like to know where you went to school.

On June 27, 1844, an American man was assassinated. He was a peculiar man. He was running for president under a very progressive platform at the time, and running as an Independent. He was the first presidential candidate to be assassinated in American history, and I am curious how many of you know who I am talking about? (Keep reading and you'll find out)

He originally had no aspirations of becoming president. He had written the five leading presidential candidates of an injustice happening to Americans and others living in America. None of them seemed to take his grievances seriously. So, he decided to run. His platform is not common for this date in history, and truly shows how much of an extraordinary man he was. Some would find it curious that he did not include his grievance (the one above) on his platform. I can only guess it was because he knew if these other things were taken care of; then perhaps that one would too.

He wanted to have "Congress “pay every man a reasonable price for his slaves out of the surplus revenue arising from the sale of public lands, and from the deduction of pay from members of Congress.” Keep in mind this was sixteen years before Lincoln came on the scene. He also wanted to decrease the amount of money congress was receiving. I'm guessing one of the reasons he wanted to do this was to cover the cost of freeing Americans living under the injustice of slavery. He wanted to grow America from coast to coast, but ONLY with the consent of the Native Americans. There were many more things his platform included, but I won't be a spoiler for those of you who want to find out on your own.

[Side note: This man was ahead of his time with respect to his views on women. In 1842, he organized a women's organization that today is among the largest women's organization in the world. These women were allowed to have a voice among men, and they had leadership positions. Keep in mind the date: 1842. If you Google the question: "What was life like for women in the 1800s?" You would see that women were not encouraged to have a career, they could not be educated like men, they were considered second-class citizens, they were subject to their fathers then later to their husbands, they could not vote, and even own land without a man. Most of the rights in subsequent years given to women were for married women only, which means they were still subject to a man's rule. Women could not get a credit card or even a bank account without their husband until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act in 1974. The first woman's bank opened in 1975. (This is my mom's generation...just to give you some perspective on the date.) I tried to find the year they could own land on their own as a single woman, but I couldn't find that information. I kept finding conflicting information on-line about which state was the first, and the year. It makes it hard to know what the truth is about this information. If anyone knows, please feel free to comment. So, you see how a man giving women a voice and allow them to take on leadership roles in their society during this time was extremely rare.]

Many believed he was a potential to win the election the year he ran, and become the next POTUS. Others stated they believed if he did not win this election; then he would win the next one. His ideas on government were becoming popular and so was he. Some believe it was because of this that he was assassinated. Others believed it was because of his religious beliefs.

Do you know who was assassinated on this date in history?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birthday Thank You cards

We celebrated my daughter's 8th birthday today with her little girl friends. We had a fun T-Party. I am cheesy, and made it a Lemon-aTe Party. I made some lemonade and other treats. It was a gluten free party for the most part because my daughter's little friend can't eat gluten. I made the most delicious cup cakes. I got the recipe from her mother. They were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. My niece said they were the best cupcakes she has ever eaten, and she doesn't like cup cakes. Wow! So, I had my daughter write thank you cards because I wanted her to learn gratitude. She was very tired as these past two days have been full of lots of activity for her. She said, "I'm so tired. I kind of wish now that I didn't get so many presents." I think I failed in teaching her gratitude. I hope I luck out better next time.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sacrament Question

From One of My Readers.... "Some friends were speaking in Sacrament Meeting so I sat with their young children. Their 5-year-old son kept whispering to me throughout the opening song, the announcements, and the sacrament hymn. I kept trying to quiet him but he kept thinking of things to say. I took the bread and passed the tray to him. He picked up a piece of bread, looked at it thoughtfully, and passed the tray. He then turned to me and asked, “Could you use a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich as the body of Christ?” I was caught completely off guard! Then I had to fight the urge to laugh. He is such a thinker!!"