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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Effects of Literature

(I had to look up the difference between affect and effect here. Sadly, English use to be my stronger subject, which I guess in light of this fact, is pretty sad.)

I overheard a conversation this morning as my children were cleaning up their books. LC was asking SJ if she would help her. She said, "Who will help me pick up these books?" Then later said, "Who will help me put these books away?" Thank you 'The Little Red Hen' story.

At breakfast, LC said, "I want us to have a garage like they do. Then we can park our cars in it." She was looking at the house across the street.

I replied, "One day when we get our house we will have one."

LC-"I know what we can do. When it's time to build our house we can go out and pick up sticks."

I had to ask, but somehow I knew where this was going, "What will we use the sticks for?"

"To use for those parts on the house where we need sticks..." She paused to think and then continued," on the roof."

Thank you 'The Three Little Pigs', but on second thought....wasn't the house of sticks blown down? I think it's time to read this story again and reinforce the part of the house of bricks is a better option than sticks.

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