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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bed Time, Tears and Toothbrushes

This evening at bedtime I heard the following while nursing MK from my room....

Daddy- "Why are you fighting over the magazine? It's time to go get ready for bed."

A crying LC- "I want to take it with me to bed. I want to sleep with it."

Daddy- "Well, who had it first?"

VJ- "I did!"

LC- "It's mine!" She continues to wail.

Daddy- "Give it to me. I know how to fix this....No one gets it."

An explosion of tears! A frustrated Daddy gets them off to their room. He had to pick them up off the floor. Then I hear him later as he attempts to brush their teeth.

Daddy- "Open your mouth. I need to brush your teeth....Oh, I see you already have it open. That makes it easier." She was still crying.

I had to laugh at the situation. I felt bad for the parties involved because I know everyone was tired and frustrated. I only hope they can see the humor in this one day as I did. I am both proud and a bit surprised to know the magazine at the center of it all was 'The Friend'.

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