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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Torn up Magazine

My two oldest and I were playing a game we got out of a magazine my son gets in the mail. I noticed a torn page from the magazine and asked them who had done it. He told me it was his little sister (our third child).

Here's part of the conversation we had about the torn piece of magazine...

"We need to call the police now," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"To take her away for being bad and they are going to put her in a cage and we will never see her again," he said.

"That is not very nice," I replied. But I was wondering inside "Where in the world did he hear this at?"

"Well, she wasn't being very nice either. She was being naughty."

I am still wondering where he got this information from. The only thing I can think how he got this idea was when we walked into the police station. We had a talk about what the police do, but this was months ago. Could this be how he came to think his sister deserved to go to jail? I reminded him how he did the same and his other sister did when they were little tots too and we did not send him to the police. I hope this will do the trick and I won't be hearing about calling the police on his baby sister again. Here's hoping....

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