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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Picture and At Last!

Oh! I forgot to mention this one. After we ate breakfast, the doctor's nurse called us to tell us it was 1/2 done and it was going well. Very nice! Very nice indeed. I really like this team!

Later, after pumping I came back to the waiting room and watched my husband play wordscraper on facebook. I was only there for a bit when the surgeon came out with his camera. He was done. Her face looks amazing! He did such a good job. He said everyone was commenting at how beautiful this little baby, our baby was.

I saw her little face in the camera. She looks just like our 19-month-old daughter! She always favored her, but now she looks just like her. He told us to wait (ugh!) in the room and someone would come to take us back to see her.

Wait, wait, wait....chatting on facebook with my friend's little girl. Hubby goes off to get a pop and then after some minutes pass, I was told "Mommy, you can go see your baby now." Without thinking I shut my computer and jumped up to go see my baby girl.

She had a huge cloth over her part of her nose and upper lip. It was bloody. My poor baby! Her nose looks swollen. I got to nurse some. At last I held her in my arms again. My little baby was being a trooper. She rested and nursed a little bit. They did not have to give her blood and she was on some good medications. Hubby couldn't come in and we had to wait until they moved us to the 'temp' room. I can't remember the name of it. But it's only for 24-hour stays in the hospitals.

While I was in the other room, I think it's called the 'recovery room'..I think I got the names backwards, but the first room...there was a little girl who was crying and crying. She wanted her mommy and kept asking for her. It broke my heart. I wanted to tell them to please just get her mommy.

I could never work in a children's hospital. I would lose my money on tissues from all the crying I would do with them. :(

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