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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When the anesthesiologist came to take her away...wait...let me back up. We were waiting for what seemed like hours, but probably just minutes in the waiting room. They finally came and cleared it out of all the families in there. I thought it was funny. Then all of these families (ours included) entered another area.

There we met with each person of the team: Operating Nurse, anesthesiologists, and surgeon. They got her vital signs and had me put on this over sized t-shirt on her. It was weird and hard to button. My husband came to the rescue and figured it out. Questions, questions and more of the same questions...allergies, medications, etc, etc, etc... They were amazing and sweet people. This hospital is wonderful! I am happy with our team.

I kept wondering when I was going to have to say good-bye. They were about to take her away and I felt my heart stop. Then they realized the surgeon had not seen us. I got to hold her some more. It was nice. They asked the surgeon if they could take her away and away she went.

The feeling was indeed awful and scary. I was totally trusting this medical team with my baby. I failed to mention they go over all the "what ifs" and it was, I must admit, a little scary to think of....blindness due to a stroke, etc...and possibly death, but the chances of this are very minimal. Well, duh! It is surgery right? There are risks in surgery. It's a risk I am having to take for my baby girl to have her cleft closed.

So, away she went with the anesthesiologist, my little baby girl. She was off to get a new face. My heart stopped and it took everything inside of me to keep from crying. The nurses kept looking at me. I must of looked weird or something. I guess maybe my face was contorted by trying to hold back my tears.

Be strong! Trust in God. This was what I was trying and succeeding in doing. It's really easy to do once you set your mind to do it. I was surprised at myself. We left and went to eat some breakfast. We walked around the hospital and ended up in the little garden. I took a picture of an amazing spider web. I did not get the entire web or spider. The web was amazing. My picture left much to be desired. Camera issues!!

I convinced my hubby to go back into the waiting room upstairs as I NEEDED to pump. I was in desperate need to do it. I feel asleep while pumping.

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