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"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."-Matthew 19:14

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dead of Night Post

Four children under the age of five can be overwhelming! I enjoy being a mother and I adore my children, but sometimes it is not easy especially when trying to get my old lady (for baring children) body back to "normal" from birth. Bath time is interesting when you account for the small water heater, which I am thankful to have; however, I can only fill the tub once.

My son is getting to old to bathe with his little sisters. My daughter told me I needed to have another boy baby. She was thinking up Halloween costumes for us and wanted someone to play Tod from Disney's Fox and the Hound. Our recent movie addition thanks to the donation box/give-a-way at the hospital.

Speaking of said place, which I am fond of (sarcasm, hospitals scare me) and thankful to have, our appointment went well. They are going to operate on her nose and lip. She is going to be done at less than 3 months old....well, 2 1/2 months old, which is pretty close to 3 months. The doctor is great and we are comfortable with him. A while back my husband told me he thought my missing teeth (missing both of my laterals/the 2 teeth next to the front teeth-top) could be related to cleft. I got mad. Not a good day for me, but I was feeling like he was blaming me for her cleft. He was just making an observation. He was right. I did not get mine and two of my siblings got little teeth from my dad. He wondered if I had spoken to the genetics department. We did not, but he said we would be an interesting family to study.

When she is either 6 or 7 she will need a bone graft since she does have an avelor (spelling?) cleft (it's inside of her mouth). Not sure if she will have missing teeth like her mother or not, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. I am worried about pain management, breastfeeding and bruising.

My last two evenings with four children have been an adventure. Scripture reading was a bust last night because my 18-month-old decided she did not want to sit, but have a fit (that ryhmnes! ha ha). She fell off the couch and landed on her nose. I did not reach her in time. She inherited my sensitive nose and gets nose bleeds at the drop of a hat. Poor baby! My son would not sleep. The baby was crying; then all three of the girls were crying. I can't even remember why my oldest girl was crying. Do all girls cry this much?

Tonight my son finally feel asleep and my 18mo went to bed without a fit. However, my oldest daughter decided to have a double whammy of bedtime blunders. She tore apart a toy and got beads all over her bed and floor. Then she had an accident. Meanwhile, newborn baby decided to cry since my nighttime supply of milk has dwindled thanks to another bout with mastitis. Mastitis, what a fun experience this is for a woman!. I had such a terrible fever the other night. I put a heating pad between my knees, my flannel PJ's, my robe, thick socks, a thick blanket, and a comforter, but I still could not stop shaking from the cold. My husband made me hot chocolate and this did not help either. When the fever left me sometime during the night I ended up sweating all the fluids out. This is what dwindled my supply and why I am up in the dead of night typing on here instead of sleeping. Why am I not sleeping? What a good idea! I'll finish this post later.


  1. Oh Mia- bless your heart!!! I hate mastitis, and you are amazing doing what you are doing juggling your kids and being a mother. We have lots of scripture study nights like yours too- hang in there! Sending hugs from afar...