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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What places do you want to visit in the world and why?

This is for my blog challenge.....

The first time I saw a desk globe at school was when I decided I wanted to see the world. I was going to join the military to accomplish this in my life, but last minute I chickened out of the military. Not a proud memory for me, but if I had gone my life would be very different today. I would probably have a different husband and not my four wonderful children. In the end, it was a better career choice even if it put my travel plans on hold for a while.

My first stops would be Israel, Europe and the ruins of Mexico. I don't really know anything about my heritage and I need to know more about my ancestor's country of origin-Mexico. I want to go to New Zealand, Asia, Russia and well, just be able to say I've been to every country in the world. All of this takes money, and I doubt it will happen in this lifetime. If I had to only choose 2 places it would be Israel and Mexico.

I would also like to take a tour of all the LDS Temples in the world with my family. I think this would be an amazing experience. It would be fun to do this one summer. Maybe we will get to do this before my son goes on his mission. Here's hoping.

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