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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Teasing Brother

I'm still baffled at the brother and sister relationship. My son will defend his sisters against our teasing and does not like it when we have to punish his sisters. He may not say anything, but his face says it all. Yet he does the following....

My husband overheard my son saying to my oldest daughter...."I have one car and you have zero cars and you don't even understand it." Dad thought this was funny. I must be honest and admit I did too, but I did not understand it either. I guess it's a boy vs. girl thing?

Last night, our 18-month-old was falling apart in her high chair. While eating pizza she got the sauce in her eyes. My son began to tease her, "You got sauce in your eyes!" She did not like to be teased at all and she let him know it by trying to get him with her red fingers while letting out a yell. Daddy came to the rescue and cleaned her up. This was definitely a "Calgon, take me away!" moment.

Brothers! I have five of my own and three of them enjoyed tormenting me (one still does). For them it's a part of playing (I guess?) to tease a younger or even older sister(s). My husband and his brother would tease their older sisters. I guess my girls should consider themselves blessed to have one brother who only teases them once in a while.

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