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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bugs and Beards

My children have become fascinated with Daddy. While watching Bug's Life from Pixar, my 3-year-old daughter asks me what the prey mantis is called. "His name is Manny and he is a prey mantis," I answered.

She says, "No, what is that green bug called?"

"He is a prey mantis."

"No, but what is that bug called?"

Round and round we went. I know she wanted to know what the name of the insect was, but when I told her she did not believe it. Lately, my children have come to ask me questions only to second guess me.

My son was drinking grape juice and got a mustache. I told him to go wash off his mustache. He said it was a beard. Round and round we went while I tried to explain the difference in a beard and mustache. Finally, I told him to ask Daddy if he did not believe me. He did.

Why are they doing this to me? Are they secretly enjoying it? Do they think I lie to them? Do they think I don't know a thing? Is it a phase? I just don't know, but I do know this is frustrating!

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