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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sense of Humor

My husband is proud of my son's sense of humor (he is a chip off the ol' block).

Last night my daughter came into the living room upset because her brother had said mean things to her. I asked her to tell me and she said he had called her the Grinch. He told her she was going to destroy Christmas, and she wasn't going to receive any toys from Santa. She was very upset. I asked her if she was in fact the Grinch and she shook her head. "Well, than what are you worried about?" I told her.

Upon hearing all of this, as I was scolding my son, my husband turns and says, "You said that?" then he began to laugh. I told him to stop it as it was encouraging my son torment his sister, but then I couldn't help myself and laugh. Not a good parent moment for either of us.

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