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Monday, October 11, 2010

Chicken Heads

This story is from a friend in her words...

"One night I decided to treat my young children to dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Five-year-old, Elizabeth*, started jumping up and down and begged me to buy her some chicken heads for dinner. I was understandably confused.

"KFC doesn't sell chicken heads," I told her.

"Yes, they do, " she said, "Grandpa bought some for us once."

I called my dad to see what in the world she was talking about. He is a big tease but I still didn't think he would feed chicken heads to his grandchildren. When I got him on the phone I explained to him that Elizabeth wanted chicken heads from KFC for dinner. He burst into laughter.

It seems he and my mother decided to get some KFC one night when they were babysitting for me. Grandma stayed with the kids while Grandpa went to pick up dinner. As he walked out the door Emily begged him to get her a chicken leg, which was her favorite.

When Grandpa came back Elizabeth asked him, "Did you get me a chicken leg?"

Grandpa made a sad face. "No, they were all out of chicken legs. But I got you some chicken legs."

Elizabeth wasn't sure this was a good thing but when Grandpa put a "chicken head" on her plate and it looked like a regular old chicken leg, she decided to try it.

I couldn't believe that she believed Grandpa's story. However, later when I put a chicken leg on her plate she cheered, "Chicken heads!" It was another year or so before I could convince her that it really was a chicken leg."

*Not her real name. Her name was changed to protect the innocent. This is the name of the receptionist at the family's chiropractic office.

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