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Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Calling

I got a new calling at church. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Actually, it's sort of a two for one deal, if I can even call it that. I am in the Primary. On Sundays, I get to be a fill in substitute. I study all of the lessons for each of the children and if someone is out sick or something. I jump in and get to be the teacher. So, I get to help in the Nursery Class (18-months to 3-years), Sunbeams (3 and 4-year-olds), Choose the Right (CTR) 4/5 (4 and 5), and the other classes up to age 12. I have four manuals I study and prepare from to be ready on Sunday. Yes, it seems like a lot, but I am enjoying it. The best part is I know what my children are learning each Sunday. I get to remind them during the week about what they learned. My husband and I would ask during our traditional Breakfast for Sunday Lunch what they learned in Primary. We would usually hear the deer in the headlights answer of "Jesus". Of course, they learned about Him, but what specifically did they learn about Him. Sometimes we never knew, but had started to ask their teachers when I would see them. I often felt like a bother to ask them this question every Sunday, but now I don't have to ask. I have to say I am enjoying the knowledge. Yes, KNOWLEDGE is POWER! *smiling*

This week I implemented the knowledge they gained on Sunday which was: CTR, What would Jesus want me to do? and I knew the story about the boy and the eggs in the nest. This was an advantage towards a better week. As soon as an argument would start, I would say..."What would Jesus want you to do?" and just like that everything would change. I could even hear birds singing, rainbows zooming, bugs swing dancing and all was right in the Lowry home. Well, maybe the bugs dancing was a bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get the point.

On Wednesdays, I get to be a Cub Scout Master. I'm a little in over my head on this one, but I know Heavenly Father will qualify me for this calling. I'm very thankful to be in it since in two short years my little boy will be a Cub Scout. I will understand and know what he is going to need and do to obtain badges. I will know what Faith in God is all about too. Yeah, love the bonus. I have to say again...THIS IS FUN!!!

I tell you one thing I do know and it's this-All of the callings we receive in church come from our Heavenly Father and they really are to help us grow and the benefit of others. Serving is amazing! I'm really blessed beyond measure. I am thankful!

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