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Monday, December 19, 2011

Snow for Christmas

LC has been waiting for a Christmas Snow. She wants to build a snowman with her cousin. I told her it hasn't been cold enough for it. We have been having a heat wave. I'm not excited about it either. I want it to be cold too. She ran to her room. Then came back to say, "It is going to snow on VJ's birthday. I prayed and it's going to happen."

"Well," I said, "if it's not cold enough it will turn into rain." I wanted to prepare her for a 'no' reply to her prayer or maybe I am "ye of little faith"?

"I did not know that," she answers while running away again. My son follows her saying, "It has to be at least 20 degrees or lower." I heard her praying and VJ coaching her on what to say.

She came back to say, "It will snow. But why does it have to be lower and not higher than 20 degrees?"

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