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Monday, December 19, 2011

Bifid Uvula

On Friday night, my husband, baby and I were out. We had a baby sitter for the others. She was in her car seat that snaps into the stroller. The angle of it was just right to see the back of her throat when she cried. I noticed her uvula (I did not even know it was called a uvula. Sadly, I never bothered to know the name of this body part.) was split in two. I was upset. How could I not notice this before? I felt terrible.

Thankfully, I am a part of a support group dealing with craniofacial issues. I found out it was called a bifid uvula. I was able to google it to read more about it. Later, the lady who is the founder of this group replied she was concerned MK could have a submucous cleft palate and one of the symptoms could be nasal leaking. MK did have a few instances where milk leaked out of her nose. Poor baby! Oh, how she cried when the milk came out her nose. I freak out too, but I did not think it meant more. This leaking is only possible when a child has a cleft palate. If this is true; then this may mean more surgery for MK. We have to meet with her cleft team and find out more.

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