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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Silly Dream

Asking my son a simple question like "Did you have a good nap?" is like opening a can of worms. He said he had a bad dream. I asked him to tell me and he said he could not remember (giving me a huge smile). The joker!

My 4-year-old jumps in and says I had a silly dream. "There was a monster, but he said he wasn't a monster, but he was a yak. Then a cat came over and 'bited' his tale off. Then the cat saw another monster who said he was a yak, but he wasn't a yak. He was a monster. Then a dog came by and 'bited' his head...."

There was more, but I could not stop laughing and I went to get my camera to record this dream. Ugh! I did not recharge my battery. You never know what a simple yes or no question will lead you.

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