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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Do

In preparation for tomorrow, I have to make sure I pack my pump to use while she is in surgery. I am going to bring a bottle just in case she can't nurse, but nursing is a priority! The list goes on and on of what to do and what I need to bring. A must is my laptop to blog and maybe watch a movie from. Oh, and I can't forget my journal.

My husband is lining a cousin to come and stay with our kids all day. I wanted to take them with us, but with our current vehicle situation it is not an option. We had been driving two trucks to accommodate our family. It's probably for the best since they are too little and will be bored out of their minds. I have to bath the baby tonight with this special soap and in the morning before we head out.

My nerves are fine, but my cold is still here. It's not as bad as before, but the worry has left me drained. I'm not worried anymore. I'm just impatient now. I still have stuff to clean around the house. I'm dragging my feet, but I don't plan on sleeping tonight since I have to stop nursing her at 3AM. I am afraid if I fall asleep I might nurse her on accident after this time and then they won't do the surgery. OH NO! I am not going through waiting another month for this date. I want this to be over and done with; so, I can see her new little face. I'm not very patient and this has been like a roller coaster. I like roller coasters, but this one is a ride I don't want to visit anytime soon. ha ha ha

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