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"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."-Matthew 19:14

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Day Before The Procedure

I woke up with my little one in my arms. She was all smiles when she finally woke up. I love her little face. Today is my last day with her face. By this time tomorrow the surgeon will be creating a new smile for her. How different will she look? I'm glad I've memorized her eyes and will know her eyes anywhere. Will fixing a nose and lip really alter her looks to make her look like another baby?

My house was clean last week, but then I caught a cold. I think it was from stress or maybe my children gave it to me. I got a priesthood blessing from my husband last night to help me with the surgery and get rid of my cold. I know I have lots to do since I have family coming up this weekend starting tomorrow night. Today I am wishing I had a maid and a nanny. I would spend the entire day devoted to my 3-month-old. Then again, I am glad I don't have those because they probably would wonder how a family could turn a home upside down like this in a few days. So, I will have to enjoy her in intervals when she is awake.

Now it's time to muster up the motivation to clean. My body is still tired from the cold or maybe because I couldn't sleep last night, but thankful my headache is finally gone. I better get moving because we need to have FHE tonight since we did not have it last night.


  1. Mia, you shared your blog with me a couple of weeks ago on the cleft advocate site. I wanted to tell you that I am praying for you and your daughter for tomorrow! I have two little girls who will also want to pray tonight when they say their prayers. My third girl is due in September and she has a cleft lip and possible cleft palate. I am anxious to hear how everything goes, because it's all new to me. I pray that it goes quickly and without complications, and that you feel the peace that only comes from God and knowing that He is in control! Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Kristen, Thank you! What a sweet and wonderful blessing you are to me and your precious girls! I have had such a peace today thanks to all the prayers. I know Father in Heaven will give my baby and my family the strength to endure what is to come tomorrow.

    How are you? How are you dealing with the news of your baby? I know it was hard for me to hear about her cleft lip when I was pregnant. I took comfort in the scripture found in John 9:1-3 and there was a story I read about a man who stood up to talk about God's perfect plan and where his son with a disability fit in this plan. He said it was to bring out the best in us. I believe this 100%. I can't wait to hear how your baby is going to do. It's nice to be prepared and to know we have a loving Father in Heaven watching over us.