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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Our Way...

So, I did not sleep last night. Today is her big day. I have a little bit of butterflies, but I am actually very excited to see her new little smile. I feel really good right now and I hope we have a safe drive.

I gave her a bath last night and again this morning with that "special" soap they gave me. The worst part so far was waking her up to give her a bath. She was sleeping so soundly and now I am worried she will cry the entire trip up there wanting to eat. I have pedalight (spelling?) to feed her until the cut off time. I hope she will take a bottle. I have my pump, medicine feeders/droppers, etc... just in case she won't drink from a bottle.

So, we are off to Neverland as Peter Pan told Wendy and the gang as they flew away.

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