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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nose Splints and No-No's

We took her to the hospital today to get her nose splints removed. They took her No-No's away. She had removed one last night and it was scary to think she might open her stitches. She had her fingers in her mouth. I was scared to tell anyone she did this last night. Then I go into the office and he takes them away. Ha ha ha! I was nervous to see them go. I thought she would need to wear them until the stitches were gone, but the doctor gave her the OK to not have them anymore. Yay! He is going to use them when he does volunteer surgeries. He said he was going to put her name on it. This is very sweet.

I'm very happy with her results. Actually, I should say....I'M VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!!!!! My children haven't said much about liking it, but I can tell they are happy. They just wanted to know if she was fixed and if she was going to bleed again when I went to pick them up at their cousin's house. It's been a strange month and I can't wait until July. We got lots of fun stuff for the Holiday. I can't wait for our first July 4th in our new home.

Oh! On the way to the hospital the craziest thing happened. A poor bird met his end. He flew into our windshield and thankfully did not break it. It hit the window very hard and left bird juice on it. It was really gross and sad. I hope it died quickly for its own sake. Good-bye June, I don't want to experience another month like you. Hello July! I feel like you are going to be a butterfly in the belly free month.

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