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Sunday, June 26, 2011


I'm currently on the phone with our hospital. It's 6 AM Sunday morning. My baby has been bleeding from her mouth since last night. It's very scary. She awoke from a nap yesterday late afternoon with blood. Then again that night and this morning she has more blood. Her face is looking pale too. She had blood all over her shoulders and bib. I left it on her last night since she barely

I'm still on hold. I tried to call yesterday, but the doctor's number was only good from Monday-Friday. Ugh! Why did I fail to not get this information? This was not even on the list of reasons to call, but she can't keep loosing this much blood. I'm STILL on hold.

OK. So, I talked to someone. They are contacting my doctor's people and they are going to call me. I hope soon because I am starting to worry. I can tell my husband is worried too and he NEVER worries. So, I think this is pretty bad. Got off the phone at 6:15 AM. I wonder how long it will take for them to call me. I hope it's within 10 minutes.

It appears one of her stitches came loose. It's back to the hospital we go. I hope our surgeon will come in and fix her. I don't want anyone else to touch her.

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