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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ants In My Backyard

While we were outside playing today I noticed we had about six different ant hills in the backyard. These fire ants will take over if you do not stop them in the beginning. I grabbed the spray to kill them and as I was killing them my two oldest came over to watch me. Here's what they had to say....

"The ants are yelling, 'Oh, no, what's happening?' right now."

"Look at them run. The babies are crying, 'Mommy, who is doing this to us? Where is this poison coming from? Help me! Help me!'"

"The ants are asking for someone to help them, but they are not going to get any help. You are killing them."

"They are all going to die. They are not happy. They are scared."

I must say if their plan was to make me feel bad. It worked, but I still had to kill them because they bite hard.

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