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"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."-Matthew 19:14

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Toys....I Want It Now!

I wish I could understand why they do this to each other (any advice and help is more than welcomed and necessary), but there could be a toy sitting for hours without anyone giving it any mind. Then one child will see the other grab it and suddenly, she/he was playing with it or wants it.

I have heard it all....

"I need it!" (I wasn't aware that you would die if you did not get this toy. Maybe I need to call the doctor and set up an appointment. I am sure they can create or there is already a condition for this "illness." Uh! No!)

"I want it now!" (Really? I wouldn't have guessed by the way you are jumping up and down; then rolling on the floor in tears.)

"It's mine" (even though it community property)

"I was playing with it!" ( can you play with a toy that is feet away from you? My children must have Inspector Gadget arms that I am not aware of.)

"WAAAAAAAA! sisoghds, sgfdiosfds!" (Garbled words because they are having a fit and crying. This is my favorite response.-note sarcasm- If I attempt to find out or ask what they are saying I am only met by more anger, tears, and MANY more garbled words. Lovely!)

"I told her/him I was playing with it. Leave it alone!" (I've been in the same room with you all day and I never heard this conversation. My children must be telepathic.)

Oh, and the best one next to garbled words is when they just go and snatch it from each other. Then I have two crying children to deal with. Lovely, just lovely.

I wonder is this how Heavenly Father feels when we argue with each other? Well, he is perfect (I am FAR from it) and can handle anything we do. However, it would be funny to hear what he thinks in parenthesis and to see if he is a bit sarcastic when we are arguing/fighting/complaining/being unkind with each other. I think maybe sarcasm is not a good thing, therefore, not of God, but I bet he could come up with some funny remarks.

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