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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

John 3:16 and Standing

I can't believe I did not post this one!

I should label this one as an "aww...swelling heart moment", but I need to post it under another label. Plus, I was proud then embarrassed.

Last year during our Sacrament Meeting's Program (held in Nov. 2010), my son had to recite John 3:16. I practiced with him (I got a book to teach him how to read-I'll post the recommendation later) all week.

On the Saturday before, we had a wave of 'puke' enter our home. Ah! Isn't the stomach flu lovely? Luckily, my son was OK since he was sick during the week. He and I went to church and everyone else stayed home. I did not know my daughter who was in Nursery was part of the program (Nursery is usually not part of it). I was sad I did not get to see her in it (but I will this year!).

When it was his turn, he made his mommy proud. He read it great and did not need any help. I only wish I could have seen his face since he was too little and the step ladder only allowed us to see him from his forehead on up. After he did his part, I think he must have thought he was done because he just sat there.

He was the only one who stayed seated when the children stood up to sing! I tried to get him to stand when he looked my way (I was moving my lips "stand up" and making a gesture for him to stand-I was in the last row. I hope I was not distracting anyone), but it only resulted in him making faces; so, I stopped. It was embarrassing! He was the ONLY ONE (I know I already said this, but I just couldn't believe it.) just sitting there and he had would occasionally look back like he was the King or something (it might be my paranoia talking here, ha ha ha).

You just never know what your children are going to do or say. Thankfully, I can laugh about this now. I just hope he gets it together before this year's program. I know I will be really embarrassed if he pulls a repeat act of being King.

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