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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Favorite Poem

Blogger Challenge: What is my favorite poem and why?

When I was a 5th grader I came across a poem. I fell in love with it. I memorized it and still remember it to this day. Here it is....


In the house
of Mr and Mrs Spouse
he and she
would watch teevee
and never a word
between them spoken
until the day
the set was broken.

Then 'How do you do?'
said he to she
'I don't believe
that we've met yet.
Spouse is my name.
What's yours?' he asked.

'Why, mine's the same!'
said she to he,
'Do you suppose that we could be - ?'

But the set came suddenly right about,
and so they never did find.

By Eve Merriam (1916 - 1992)

I always thought it was a cute and funny poem. Looking back on it, I am glad I have this poem to show what my television/media addiction can do if I let it get out of hand. I never want to be like Mrs. Spouse, nor do I wish this for my children.

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