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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bologna, Hot dogs and Sausage

My Mommy confession...

My kids are really selective when it comes to eating and trying new foods. What child is willing to try new foods and not finicky, right? Well, I am going to be in trouble when they find out how everything we eat here is sausage. My son will not eat a hot dog if you tell him it is a hot dog, but if you tell him it is a sausage that looks like a hot dog or a hot dog sausage. It becomes a different story and he is willing to eat it.

Today I had them try bologna and I knew they would not like the sound of the name. So, what are they eating for lunch? Flat sausage. They flattened it out like a tortilla to make it cook faster. Later, once they are OK with eating it. I will tell them it is bologna sausage and eventually, just call it bologna.

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