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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Treat

Teaching reverence and Choosing the Right to small children who like to wiggle can be a challenge.

I decided to use an incentive to Choosing the Right in class by being reverent. My incentive was a treat after class was over. I left it up to them to decide if they felt they deserved a treat, by honestly answering my question, "Did you CTR by being reverent today?" If they answered, "Yes." They would get a treat. OK, I know what your thinking! What child would say I was irreverent and did not CTR today?

I had a boy who was having a hard time being reverent at the time, and this helped him be more reverent. Despite it helping to keep a more reverent class, it was a bad idea. He began to keep tabs on the other children's reverence, and let me know when they were not CTR. He would also let me know they did not deserve a treat. Here is an example: "Teacher, teacher, she is not choosing the right because she is sitting on two chairs."

There is wisdom in only giving treats when it goes with the lesson.

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