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Monday, May 31, 2010

Super Lucky-A Lesson on the Temple

I was teaching a class how important it is to go to the Temple, and how much of a blessing it is to our lives. The children were looking at me with blank faces. I was having a hard time getting them to understand how much of a blessing it was to go there. Finally, I found the words to get them to understand. I said, "People who go to the Temple are Super Lucky."

Their faces changed as they understood what I meant by how good it was to go to the Temple. With a huge smile on her face, a girl said, "My parents were Super Lucky, because they were sealed in the Temple." Then her face got sad when she looked at me, "Sister Lowry, you are not Super Lucky. You're just lucky because you have not been to the Temple."

Being a convert, my husband and I were married outside of the Temple, and at the time of this lesson we had not gone yet.

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