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Monday, May 31, 2010

No snacks?

If you have ever worked with nursery aged children (18 months to 3-yrs-old), you know the importance of having a snack time. You have these children with you playing for two hours working up an appetite.

One day my calling was a Nursery Worker, the parent assigned to bring snacks that Sunday were out sick or forgot the snack. Luckily, we had a reserve for such times. Once inside the cabinet we saw our reserve was lacking. We were "in panic mode" because we had already seated the children, and they knew it was time to eat.

Towards the back we found a bag of trail mix, and we began to discuss whether they would eat this stuff or not. The sister serving with me said her son called it "yucky stuff." We decided to give it a try because we had no other options.

After we made a pass around with the mix, a small boy declared, "I love this yucky stuff." I guess we weren't whispering as quietly as we thought.

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