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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bad Guys

I was brushing my 4-year-old's hair this morning and she was asking me about the horse in Tangled. She wanted to know if he was a bad guy who changes and becomes a good guy. I told her he was always a good guy and that Eugene was the bad guy turned good guy.

I've been trying to explain to her the difference between the real world and cartoon world....

She asked, "Mommy, are there bad guys in our world?"

I replied, "Yes, honey, unfortunately there are bad guys."

"Why don't I see them?"

"Because Mommy and Daddy are trying to keep them away from you. We are here to protect you."

This was a hard conversation for me to have. I want to know about the world, but how do I do it without taking her innocence. Any ideas?

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