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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Blog Challenge: What role does color play in your everyday life?

I missed this one. This was a question from a while back, but since we have not been receiving any new ones. I decided to go back and do this one.

Thankfully, I do not live in Pleasantville (see: ) and my world is full of color. My two favorite colors are red and green. My firstborn child, my son, was born on Christmas Eve the holiday of red and green. My baby (3rd child) was born red, very red. We named her Red Green (not literally, but a variation of these words).

I guess right now in my current living conditions (renting) the color defining our everyday life is brown, which is hilarious since my eyes and skin are this color. I have always thought (since I was raised in the desert) brown was the color of dirt. Whereas red and green are the color of life. Red for the life giving blood in us and green for all of the plant life around us.

If I remember the movie above correctly, I recall that the more the people enjoyed life the more color became present around them. What a lovely idea!

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