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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese Food and Excuses

We use to eat Chinese food a lot before our big move. Last night my husband gave me a break and brought some home. I guess it has been a while because the two oldest looked at the food with disgust. They would eat it back home without any problems. The baby was fine and she ate quickly then asked for more.

My son was doing the pick it up and pretending to take a bite, but my daughter was not going to attempt to eat it. Then came the excuses....

1-My throat hurts. I can't eat. I need to go lay down.(After realizing it did not work she moved on to excuse 2.)
2-My throat hurts. I am choking. The food is choking me. Dad asked, "Where are you choking at?" She points to the side of her neck under her left ear.
3-I need to go to the bathroom. I have to go poop.
4-I need to pee.
5-She throws herself out of her chair onto the floor and tries to force out tears.

It's funny she thinks she can outsmart us with these feeble attempts to get out of eating. I was once the Queen Of-I-Won't-Eat-It-It-Looks-Weird and I tried most of the above on my own mother. It did not work for me and it won't work for her. We just wanted her to at least try it and if she did not like it; then she doesn't have to eat it.

I went to bed early. I don't know how it ended since I let my husband take control. However, in the morning I found two plates with lots of food on them.

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