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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tell About Your First Paying Job

Blogger Challenge Question....

My first paying job was babysitting. I was a 13-year-old who was use to other people's children. My mother babysat some 40-50 children in her lifetime. Every morning Mom dropped me off at their home. I still remember their names, but I will only say it was a big brother and little sister. They were tots who loved to watch their videos all, and I mean ALL day.

It was too hot to go outside and their parents did not want them playing in the 100+ degree summer weather. I was relieved because I got headaches in the heat and did not enjoy being outside during the summer. So, we sat at watch the videos they had because that's what they wanted to do. I was much to young to know to take charge and make them not watch so much TV. I wish I could go back in time with my knowledge of children and do a better job. However, after seeing the 3 videos they owned for the 3rd time in a day. I would be tired of it and make them play with their toys. I wish I would have played games with them, had them color and read to them. They were such sweet and precious children.

My favorite memory was when the parents asked me, a kid, to help them come up with a plan to keep them from sucking their thumbs. Their teeth were beginning to push out into an overbite. I was a nail biter and was currently using a polish to keep me from biting them. I suggested this solution. They were happy because they had "tried everything, but nothing is working."

The next day I came over to babysit. They looked exhausted. I asked them how it went with the nail stuff. "Yeah, it works, but we did not get any sleep. They cried all night. We are beat. Please don't put it on them again. We'd rather sleep; then have them stop." After they left the children told me about how their thumbs tasted awful all night and they could not sleep. They told me I was not allowed to put polish on them again.

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