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"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."-Matthew 19:14

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Stay Little

My 4-year-old son is excited about his birthday this Friday for 2 reasons: 1-It's Christmas Eve and 2-It will be his 5th birthday (He can't wait to go to school.). I am excited about Christmas, but not about him becoming a 5-year-old. I asked him if he could please stay little and he said, "No!"

I asked my 3-year-old daughter if she would stay little and she replied, "No, I want to grow up." My son said, "Ask the baby. She will say yes." Excited I turned to her and asked her, but she shook her head to say "No." I guess I have to come to terms with the inevitable: My babies won't stay babies forever.

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