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Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite Holiday Tradition

Blog Challenge....

Question---What is my favorite holiday tradition?

We did not have many growing up, but the few I remember was going to church on Christmas Eve and being in the annual Christmas play. It was such a fun time. Then we'd go home after eating with our fellow church members and open our presents.

Now that I am grown and have children of our own, my husband and I try to bring the Christmas spirit into our home by using this booklet I made with the help of a friend. My children really love it. Each day as we count down to Christmas Eve we read a verse, a story, then sing a song.

Afterwards we read a scripture showing us an attribute of the Savior and tell the children how we can be like Jesus. If I ever feel like the little girl in the Grinch movie...."Where are you Christmas? I can not find you...." this tradition is a gentle reminder (and invites the Holy Spirit) of what Christmas is really all about. My son likes it when we sing at night, but he says...."I like Christmas day." We also watch Christmas movies during the's the one time of the year I let my children watch more television. They really like to see the ones about Santa and I am sure it's not hard to understand why. On Christmas Eve, we read Luke II and watch "Joy to the World" a music display with nativity scenes.


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