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Friday, November 12, 2010

Movies About Jesus

My daughter has been wanting to watch the movies: The Testaments-One Fold One Shepherd and The Lamb of God. She is really fascinated by the story of Jesus, which I am happy about and want to encourage her to see them as much as she wants. While watching it my son asked me, "I want to watch a movie without bad guys. Is there a movie without bad guys?" I said no because this world is always going to have bad guys, but in the Celestial Kingdom there will be no bad guys.

Later he said after seeing Jesus killed by the bad guys, "Bad guys can kill us." Ugh! Why is he so smart?! I had to explain that bad guys never win and to watch and see what happened to Jesus. I can't believe how smart my son can be when it comes to figuring things out, and sometimes it is really scary because I have to have conversations such as these before I am even ready to have them.

My daughter began to tell her daddy about how the bad guys did bad stuff to Jesus. She must have gotten confused with David and Goliath because she said they cut off Jesus' head. She told me they pulled the hair off his back. I told her I was not sure if he had hair on his back or not, but that they 'spanked' his back and pulled the hair off his face. I worry is it too early for them to watch this movie??? Is it too early to expose them to the brutal death our Savior endured for us??? Thankfully, these movies supplied by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not as graphic as the one Mel Gibson did. Ay! That one did not leave anything to the imagination. I am not sure if I am even old enough to see that movie.
I remind myself that my son will be in school next year and from what I have been hearing about what goes on in the schools nowadays and the 'sex' talks and other nonsense they want to teach Kindergarten children. I know he will be exposed to much worse. So, I must arm him with all the knowledge and truth of the gospel now. Plus, I only have one year left with him at home, which I do not like at all. Being a parent is not easy!

I agree with my son. Why is there always a bad guy, bad things in life and in the scriptures? Thankfully, I know I was right when I told them that where Heavenly Father and Jesus are there will be no bad guys. Good will always be stronger than the evil in the world. I am grateful that good guys always win.

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